About us!

From our abbreviation you may find out that ITC Food is an international trading company, which is trading with meat, fruits and vegetables of best quality.

At ITC Food we are selling products from our certified suppliers and partners in countries with strictest controlls and highest standards.

ITC Food deals with the sales of fresh and frozen meat and the distribution of dried meat products from Austria & Croatia under its own brand "Delminium". These products are for example smoked ham "Prosciutto", smoked bacon "Panceta" and so on. So the fresh meat comes from our partner in Austria and the dried products from our partner in Croatia.

We are offering our clients everything they need and are working on long and happy relationships! ITC Food lives for his customers and has only satisfied clients.

Our company has clients in the whole world with special expectations. So we had to find the best suppliers for our customers to get satisfaction at both sides.

With our slogan "Price - Quality - Satisfaction" we are showing our recipe for the success of good relationships with our clients and suppliers.

If you think that you are a reliable partner for us so please feel free to contact us in every kind you want. And if you as a customer are interested in cooperating with our company, please feel free to contact as at any time you want.


Your benefits are:

  • a big range of products from certified and long-term partners

  • very good prices

  • best quality

  • strictest controlls

  • professional consulting in the following languages: German, English, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Montenegrin

  • secure and "just-in-time" delivery

  • Bussiness with secure payment